2018 || rétrospective de l’année 2018

2018 || rétrospective de l’année 2018

rétrospective de l’année 2018 || 2018 In Review

As the new year begins, I want to take a moment to reflect on all that 2018 held! The past year has been filled with such wonderful opportunities and growth, sprinkled with so much travel, flowers, and cuddles with our pup! I wanted to capture 18 of my favorite moments, opportunities, and joys that the year brought to my life.

A New Year in New York

We ended 2017 and rang in the new year with the wedding of two of our dearest friends in an intimate gathering in snowy Upstate New York. While each wedding that I have been blessed to be a part of as a vendor and as a guest is special and wonderful, this celebration was so much more as we spent several days together cooking, sharing meals, and celebrating life and love! What a beautiful way to ring in the New Year! Not to mention being lost in a snowy winter wonderland was absolutely magical!

Miss Abigail Rose

Miss Abigail Rose joined the family early in the year and we are completely in love with her! I could go on and on about her, so I’ll just say that she has been the highlight of our year — she has filled our lives with so much love, so many cuddles, hours rearranging our pillows so she can have the comfiest nap, hours playing chase in the garden, and the gift of slowing down to enjoy the small moments each day! She turns 1 next month — we can’t believe how time has flown with this little sweetheart in our lives!

Our Garden

When we purchased our home in 2017, the yard was a big mess of mud and construction leftovers. We spent many hours (and therefore not much time at the gym!) moving literal tons of dirt and stone as we shaped and transformed the space into a beautiful flower-filled garden that we absolutely love. A 40-foot French drain, trial and error with planters and plants, a flagstone patio, retaining walls, sprinklers, landscape and bistro lighting, and little fences to keep our curious pup away from delicate blooms were just a few of the projects! We added a little fire pit area and plenty of outdoor seating – we even enjoyed an outdoor movie night! Looking forward to the next phase this spring and sharing more photos of the process!

A peek of our garden in progress this past spring!


A Tropical Getaway

Travel is such a part of our lives (130 days in the last year away from home for me!), but this getaway to Maui was the first trip we’ve taken together that was just for us perhaps ever — not a visit to family (which we love), not to attend an academic conference, and not for a wedding. Lying on the beach with a pile of books and many lava flows was such a gift for us!

Beautiful sunset in Maui

Petite Abeille Freelancing!

By only scheduling two Petite Abeille weddings this year, I allowed myself the opportunity for new opportunities and some wonderful freelancing this year! I was fortunate to take this year to work alongside wonderful friends and creatives in the event industry, rounding out the year having been a part of 10 weddings and 6 other creative projects. By working alongside others, I have learnt so much, seen how others bring their vision to life, and been so inspired!

Engagement Inspiration on the Oregon Coast || Connie Balluff Photography

Joy Proctor Design

2018 brought the amazing opportunity to intern for Joy Proctor and I am delighted to continue working a part of her team! We first met in Paris at a workshop in the fall of 2015 and now being able to see her amazing creativity and ability to create such beauty up close is such a dream come true! Among the beautiful events this year, the unbelievable highlights for me were a breathtaking wedding in Ravello, Italy at Villa Cimbrone, assisting Joy at a photoshoot with Jose Villa, and meeting such talented creatives along the way (Jose, Joel, Ryan Ray, Laura Gordon, Bows + Arrows Flowers, Camellia Floral Design, Myrtle et Olive, and so many more!). I am excited for all the beauty that 2019 will hold!

Planning + Design Joy Proctor | Photography Ryan Ray | Floral Design Bows+Arrows

Sinclair and Moore + Lake Como

Being able to freelance and be a part of #teamsinclairandmoore when able is always a highlight of my year! Steve and Jamie are among the kindest and most talented people I know, and they have built such a beautiful, inspiring business and life. I was able to be a part of his team for a couple of workshops this year (my FAVORITE as it’s always so inspiring to see the attendees grow, learn, and dream bigger than ever, but also so wonderful to learn from them!) and be a part of Steve’s team for a few absolutely stunning weddings!

A true highlight of 2018 for me was Sinclair and Moore’s Lake Como wedding in September. Not only was the location a dream and the wedding so beautifully designed and executed (Bravo Steve and Erika!), but Steve brings together the kindest, most talented people. Being a part of his team in Lake Como was a dream — we all felt like longtime friends and shared a week of hard work, delicious meals, and so much joy!

#teamsinclairandmooredoesitaly with Lisa and Charlie, Gracie and Ryan of Grace Rose Farm, Laetitia, Hally, Abby, Erik, Cozbi and Nick, Brie and Jordan, Erika, and Steve!
An afternoon on Lake Como with these amazing people!!

Meeting new friends and creatives!

This has been the year when I’ve been inspired and had the chance to meet so many spectacular people thanks to amazing opportunities and friendships!
Molly Carr in Paris (can’t wait to share the branding shoot!), Kerry Jeanne, Abby of Wander and Rose, Cozbi, seeing Jose Villa and Joel Serrato work through my freelancing for Joy Proctor, Ryan Ray and Bows and Arrows via JPD, Greg Finck shoot in Lake Como for Sinclair and Moore, and Gracie and Ryan from Grace Rose Farm (we need to plan a trip!!), and, of course, the chance to work again with so many wonderful people I’ve come to know over the last few years.

BTS capture of Jose Villa’s shoot for film presets/actions with DVLOP
Design Joy Proctor | Florals Bows+Arrows

Travel with Chris

Spent much of this years travels without Chris due to his schedule — so while I was racking up the miles, he was home working hard, watering our new garden, and getting all of the puppy cuddles. Our trip to Europe together in September was such a wonderful time together visiting his family in Switzerland, working together as part of Steve’s team in Lake Como (and getting our third anniversary pictures taken on Lake Como by the fabulous Cozbi!), and ended with three days eating our way through Paris!

In Paris, our home away from home

Passed an FDA Audit

This may seem incongruous as I don’t mention my University work frequently, but in addition to running Petite Abeille, I also serve as the Research Compliance and Integrity Officer at an exceptional liberal arts and health professions university here in the Pacific Northwest. I woke up one morning while working a wedding in Italy this summer to a message that the FDA had decided to conduct a surprise audit. Thanks to a fabulous boss and colleagues who were able to manage this audit for me, we passed with no report and no findings, which, let me tell you, is HUGE and definitely deserves a place on my list of 2018 successes!

This beautiful view softened the stress of an audit occurring without me there!!

Paris, bien sûr

A list of my favorites without Paris is just not possible! I was blessed to be in la ville lumière three times this year as part of two trips. My days in Paris were filled with breakfasts at my favorite cafés, wandering my favorite streets, popping into new shops and my standby favorites, hours in front of Monet’s lilies, and so much more! I have such a love of Paris and so much to share, so I’m making it a goal of mine to share more of this part of my life with you in 2019!

I have a thing for café chairs and a good terrasse!

New England Engagement

One of my best friends got engaged this year (and can’t wait to share their wedding next fall!), so a trip to New England was in order for their engagement party! I was born in Boston and New England has such a special place in my heart, so I was delighted to steal a few hours in Boston wandering the Public Gardens and Beacon Hill (with a little dress shopping!), then on to Connecticut for a celebration, hints of fall colors, and dreaming up designs for their wedding next fall. I am so excited for them both and to share New England in the fall with Chris in 2019!

Photography by Brigham and Co.

New Clinic for Chris!

A major milestone in our year was a new stage in Chris’s career as a Doctor of Chiropractic! After being promoted to a Regional Director over several Portland Area clinics, Chris had the wonderful opportunity to strike out on his own and purchase a well-established practice just a few minutes from our home. The practice has been serving the community for over 20 years, and it’s exciting to see Chris guide the practice, patients, and staff into this new chapter in patient care! 2019 will bring much growth and exciting changes for him, and I am so excited to see how he and his practice continue to grow!

Not at all related to being a DC or his practice, but he sure looks dapper!
Lock & Co in London

Presented at an Academic Conference

Another piece of who I am that doesn’t make a frequent appearance here is my work in the field of literature and translation. I’ve unfortunately put my literary and translation research on the back burner the last few years, but I am hoping to change that with renewed energy in 2019! In July I presented at the Hemingway Conference that was held in Paris at The American University of Paris where I received my Masters in Cultural Translation in 2012. My work focuses on the translation of authors into a foreign language and the related discourse. Being back at my University surrounded by my thesis advisors and fellow researchers was so inspiring and reminded me how much I love that part of who I am. I felt like I was exercising parts of my brain that hadn’t been used properly in years and it felt amazing. I owe it to myself and my passion for knowledge and language to continue to pursue my academic goals in this coming year!

Presentation on Hemingway in French Translation & Critical Construction
Paris July 2018 || Photo by Molly Carr Photography

Girls Trip to Europe

A wonderful highlight of the year for me was two weeks in France with my cousin Katie! We managed to pack in an academic conference, three weddings, 48 hours in Ravello (for a wedding!), 30 hours of driving (my first time driving without my French chauffeur of a husband!), a lot of tasty treats, and an insane heatwave! Every day had a magical moment that was our favorite of the day, and I can’t wait to share more from our amazing adventures over the coming weeks!

Cousins in Paris || Molly Carr Photography

London for Thanksgiving

The most magical trip of the year was perhaps our whirlwind trip to London for Thanksgiving. After finding some unbelievable deals, we booked a trip over with my parents for a few days. We were able to visit cousins just outside of London, then spent three days in London hopping between teas, the theatre, and from one fabulous Christmas display to the next!

Mistletoe light display at Covent Garden!

Being with Family

Being surrounded by family really is my favorite way to be. Living apart means that we steal a day or two together when we can, frequently while I’m en route to an event, catching a day when we have a free weekend, or meeting at a destination. While we were able to host some wonderful visits together in our home (Easter, my birthday, an early fall visit, and Christmas), we had some exceptional visits together in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and Seattle! We are hoping to coax our entire extended family up to Portland next summer, so fingers crossed!!

Most of my family together to celebrate Christmas in early December with a Nutcracker inspired tea!

Christmas Season

The Christmas Season is my favorite time of the year. The weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas are filled with reflection, celebration of faith, time with loved ones, and a bit more love and magic! Then, of course, there are those wintry Christmas moments that I love — reading by the fire, hot chocolate, more time cooking and baking in the kitchen, watching favorite holiday films, Christmas carols, finding the perfect gift for loved ones, Christmas traditions, candlelight services, time together without the pressures of work, toasting each other and life with a glass of our favorite bubbly, and the sparkling lights on the tree. 2018 was a whirlwind for us that was filled with so many wonderful things that it flew by! I’m hoping to find a way to feel less rushed in this new year so I can savor the everyday even more!

Cheers to the Christmas Season and a Blessed New Year!

Wishes for the Year Ahead

I am excited for the year ahead and all that it may hold! I believe in celebrating the small moments as well as the big moments, so here’s to celebrating every day of 2019 and filling it to the brim with wonderful moments, gratitude, dreams, and joy!

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