petite abeille  /pəˈtēt a.bɛj/ — little bee

The name Petite Abeille Design is inspired by Breanna’s love of French culture and language — she studied translation while living in Paris, and her husband is French — and her family’s nickname for her “little b.” Welcome to “little b design” – Petite Abeille Design.

Our Perspective

We believe that each event should be as unique and beautiful as the individuals it celebrates. Petite Abeille Design strives to create a meaningful experience for you and your guests that is distinguished by exceptional style, thoughtful details, and beauty.

Petite Abeille Design specializes in…

  • Comprehensive planning and coordination
  • Curated event design and implementation
  • Elegantly designed floral arrangements
  • All-inclusive creation of the details of your events

While Petite Abeille Design’s forte is in weddings, we would love to be a part of all of your life’s celebrations.