Hello! Bonjour!

I am so glad that you have joined me here! I am Breanna Hugon, and I am the owner, lead planner, and designer of Petite Abeille, an event planning studio based in Paris and the Pacific Northwest.
Petite Abeille is a boutique event firm with a mission to empower you celebrate life’s joys with through beautifully curated, elegant, and timeless events that will leave you and your loved ones inspired and in awe.
Petite Abeille is a boutique firm whose mission is to empower you celebrate life’s joys with through beautifully curated, elegant, and timeless events that will leave you and your loved ones inspired and in awe.
Celebrating life’s joys is a truly beautiful gift, and a celebration that is filled with elegant details and moments that mesmerize is truly magical. As your event director, event designer, and floral designer, my passion is to guide you through the experience of planning for your celebration, to curate and create every detail, and ensure that your joy is celebrated in the most intentional and meaningful way possible, leaving you to cherish every moment of your day with your loved ones.
My favorite parts of the planning process is helping imagine the ceremony and meaningful moments, creating unique elements that will delight and surprise you and your guests, and curating a design for your celebration that is uniquely and beautifully you. My organization skills and keen eye for detail come from my training as a translator and years of executing events. I will be involved in each detail, whether small or large, of your event. Special traditions and seeing the faces of clients and their guests as they experience the day are my favorite parts of an event.
Much of my inspiration comes from living and traveling in Europe, delicate blooms, Impressionist art, beautiful architecture, a beautiful story. I love traveling, spending time with loved ones, a good book, a glass of champagne, filling my home with flowers and memories, and bringing joy to other people’s lives.

Petite Abeille is a boutique event studio empowering you to celebrate life.

United States, France, and Destination

Petite Abeille is based in the Pacific Northwest and Paris, France.

Established in 2015, Petite Abeille officially opened with the sole goal of helping you celebrate life — whether that’s a wedding, an intimate gathering for friends and family, or celebrating the joys of daily life by providing inspiration. Petite Abeille is a event planning, design, and floral company that specializes in romantic, bespoke weddings inspired by you wherever in the world you may celebrate.

petite abeille  /pəˈtēt a.bɛj/ — little bee

The name Petite Abeille Design is inspired by my love of French culture and language. I received a Master’s degree in Cultural Translation while living in Paris and my husband is French. French is woven throughout my life through my own translation work, travel, family, and inspiration. When it came to finding a name for this company that would capture so much of what I love, I turned to my family’s nickname for me “little b” and my love of the French language. So, bienvenue to “little b design” – Petite Abeille Design. Petite Abeille Design embodies my love for tradition, for sentimentality, for details, for language, and for love.

My Favorite Things

Pierre Hermé macarons in Paris

Garden Roses, ranunculus, peonies, sweet peas, and snowberries

Paris, Boston, Switzerland, Italy, France, family in California

Favorite Food and Drink
Champagne (Schramsberg, Veuve Clicquot, Laurent Perrier), Pierre Hermé macarons from my favorite shop on rue Bonaparte in Paris, sparkling water or a tumbler full of ice water, Greek salad, canard à l’orange, any fresh French pastry or baguette, a cappuccino or vanilla latte, pancake brunch made by my husband, really any meal cooked with love!

All things 1920s, especially 1920s Paris – my Masters thesis was on expatriate writers in Paris in the 20s and their translation into French. I love the clothing, the culture, and the cocktails! I also love the architectural and artistic flourishes of art nouveau.

Romance Languages
I speak and translate French, studied Spanish, and am currently learning Italian and Portuguese.

Favorite Personal Shops and Brands
Nordstrom, Rebecca Taylor, Vince, Senreve, Longchamp, M Gemi, Repetto, Ted Baker (for my husband!)

Favorite Beauty Brands
Caudalie, Sisley Paris, NUXE, Dior, YSL, Ole Henriksen, Officine Universelle Buly, Trish McEvoy’s clear makeup brushes (family joke that my favorite color is clear) – you can tell I have a love of all things French!

Favorite Ways to Relax
Ballroom dancing with my husband, curling up with a great book and cuddling our pup Abby, working in our Garden, sketching or painting, and spending weekends with family