Petite Abeille’s Mission

We empower you to celebrate life’s joys by creating beautiful, timeless, bespoke weddings and celebrations.

The Petite Abeille Approach focuses on you, the client, as we work together to celebrate the milestones in your life. We pay close attention to your vision, using our experience to bring your dreams to life into a beautiful, bespoke celebration filled with personal touches and inspiring details. At Petite Abeille, we aim to celebrate life in an intentional way by bringing personal touches to each and every element of your event.  Celebrating with Petite Abeille is an experience focused on you as we work together to create an event filled with custom, intentional details to celebrate some of the most wonderful moments in your life. We believe that it’s the details that make a celebration extraordinary and bring a vision to life.

Love and joy are timeless and should be celebrated at every opportunity.

At Petite Abeille, we specialize in full-service planning and design of weddings and celebrations, a truly all-encompassing offering that sets us apart and provides the highest level of service to you throughout the planning process and your celebration. Weddings are complex events and are frequently the largest celebration in your life. We will be with you each step of the way — from helping select, book, and manage vendors to designing each detail and managing every detail of your event. Our comprehensive services ensure that every logistic and detail is masterfully handled allowing you to enjoy every moment of your day!

Our services are catered to address client needs as every event is different. We invite you to take a moment to peruse our various services, then encourage you to reach out so we can begin to help you celebrate.

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