petite abeille  /pəˈtēt a.bɛj/ — little bee

The name Petite Abeille Design is inspired by Breanna’s love of French culture and language — she received a Master’s degree in cultural translation while living in Paris and her husband is French — and her family’s nickname for her – “little b.” Petite Abeille Design embodies our love for tradition, for sentimentality, for details, for language, and for love. So, bienvenue to “little b design” – Petite Abeille Design.



Our Perspective

We believe that each event should be as unique and beautiful as the individuals it celebrates. Petite Abeille Design strives to create a meaningful experience for you and your guests that is distinguished by exceptional style, thoughtful details, and beauty.

Petite Abeille Design specializes in

  • Comprehensive planning and coordination
  • Curated event design and implementation
  • Elegantly designed floral arrangements
  • All-inclusive curation and creation of the details of your events

While Petite Abeille Design specializes in celebrating love, we would honored to be a part of all of your life’s celebrations.


b bouquet in mirrorBreanna Hugon

Celebrating life’s joys is a truly beautiful gift. A celebration full of elegant details and moments that mesmerize is truly magical. As your event director, event designer, and floral designer, my passion is to guide you through the experience of planning for your celebration, to curate and create every detail,   and ensure that your joy is celebrated in the most intentional and meaningful way possible, leaving you to cherish every moment of your day with your loved ones.

I love helping couples plan the details of the ceremony and meaningful moments, creating unique elements for each client, and surprising clients and guests with personalized touches throughout the event. My organization skills and keen eye for detail come from my training as a translator and years of executing events. I will be involved in each detail, whether small or large, of your event. Special traditions and seeing the faces of clients and their guests as they experience the day are my favorite parts of an event.

Much of my inspiration comes from living and traveling in Europe, delicate blooms, Impressionist art, beautiful architecture, time with family and friends, a beautiful story. I love traveling, spending time with loved ones, a good book, a glass of champagne, filling my home with flowers and memories, and bringing joy to other people’s lives. 


Our Locations

Petite Abeille Design is currently based in Portland, Oregon, serving the Pacific Northwest, the San Francisco Bay Area, Paris, and wherever your life’s celebrations may lead. Send us a note!


Photography by Matthew Land.